Searcher – Black Fisherman Hat


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Twill fisherman hat with custom hardware, nylon rope, and striped lining. Hat features a light plastic band inside to hold the round shape.


  • Sizing questions? Click the Sizing tab below.
  • Non-gender specific.
  • STH anchor engraved hardware.
  • Removable nylon rope.
  • 100% cotton top and striped lining.
  • Hand wash.
  • Imported.

Measure around your head with a tape measure where you want the band of the hat to sit. If you do not have a tape measure, you can also use a string. Then compare the string to a ruler. This measurement is your hat size. Round up or down for a looser or tighter fit to stretch. Each increase in size adds 2 cm to the hat size, or approximately one finger’s worth of additional room between the hat band and your head.



Size: Fitted Size: Head (inches): Head (cm):
XS 6 3/4 21.3 in 54 cm
S 7 22 in 56 cm
M 7 1/4 22.8 in 58 cm
L 7 1/2 23.6 in 60 cm
XL 7 3/4 24.4 in 62 cm


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